Friday 5

Hey ya'll and happy Friday! I haven't joined in and linked up for a Friday 5 in quite sometime but we've had so much fun stuff going on so I thought I'd share. I hope ya'll have a fabulous and relaxing weekend and I'll catch ya'll back here next week! 

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1. Miss Andi has been kicking butt lately with potty training and we've been using a fun potty chart we found on Pinterest. Basically, every time she tells us she has to go potty and successfully goes, she gets to pick out a sticker and put it on the potty chart. We taped it to the diaper genie beside the toilet so its convenient and fun for her! She made it to the bottom and her incentive is being able to pick out a new toy. She picked out more stickers and watercolor coloring book - bless!

2. Miss Andi has her last swim lesson today and I love that she's now so comfortable with the pool! Pool days are the best (when they don't interrupt nap time) and I can't wait for her to show off her skills at the beach this year!

3.  Ya'll, how cute are these wooden cut-out signs I scored on Zulilly this week? I cannot wait to paint them and get them hung up on the front door. However, the shipping took way over a month so we kind of missed out on the 4th of July one. Ya'll better believe I'm still hanging it up through August though. Stay tuned for an update once I paint them!

4. Speaking of painting, Miss Andi thoroughly enjoyed getting her artistic side on with the cardboard those signs came in. I love turning on some tunes, grabbing some juice and a towel and letting her go to town. Its the perfect summertime activity for toddlers! Check out her 'masterpieces':

5. What's my favorite jam lately? John Mayer's new country vibe song has been on repeat lately! I'm loving it - what do ya'll think?

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  1. Yay, Andi! Potty training and swim lessons -- when did she get so big!? Have a great weekend, girl!

  2. Yay for potty training and swimming, go Andi!! Those signs are adorable!

  3. Good job, Andi on the potty training!! That's awesome!! Can't wait to see how you paint your wooden door hangers - the pumpkin is my fav :) Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm glad that potty training is going well, and I love the sticker idea!

    Yay for swimming - that's definitely how I spend a lot of my summer days. In the pool.


  5. wow! way to go on the potty!! i need to start a sticker chart with Vi! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Well done Andi girl - rocking the potty training and swim lessons x