Thoughts on Thurs: The Little Things

Remembering the little things - a post dedicated to current Andi-isms and things I never want to forget: 

  • Her sweet little country-accented voice and the way she adds extra syllables to words. "Mama, I almost fay-el" (fell - but really drawn out) 
  • The way she sweetly and excitedly says "OK" in a high pitch voice when you ask her to do something
  • The way she says "I love you toooo" each and every day and tells me to have a good day at work
  • When she says "Mama, get in and close your eyes" when she wants me to get in bed with her
  • The way she sing-songs "Onnneee more" when she wants to read an extra book before bed
  • The way she asks me to sit beside to watch cartoons and she can't get close enough so she winds up in my lap. These cuddles NEVER get old
  • The way she runs so fast with arms swinging and a high pitch scream when she's excited
  • The way we have to convince her to wash her "bebe" and how she cannot function without it
Her "Bebe"

  • When she asks for a bow to match her current necklace selection - swoon!
  • The way she asks for her toes to match mine - polish wise
  • The way she never (ever) wants me out of her sight or out of arms reach 
  • The way she sings along to our favorite songs in the car whether she knows the words or not
  • The feel of her "Bear hugs" and when she grabs both sides of our faces to plant a big smooch
  • Her excitement on learning new things and words and her curiosity to always want to know more
  • The way she says "Awww" when she sees a bug and refuses to hurt it (even a spider ya'll - yuck)
  • Her nervous giggle and phrase "That's so funny" when she's feeling nervous or uncomfortable and wants to distract you or herself 
  • Her tiny features and absolutely captivating smile

  • Her ability to put a smile on absolutely everyone's face that she comes in contact with
  • When she says "No thank you" to something she doesn't want - makes it sweeter haha
  • The way she asks for a 'surprise!' when she knows she did something fabulous 
  • The way she looks at you, moves her arm and says "aaaaa mon" for "Come on" 
  • And lastly, the way she picks her head up off m shoulder and takes her thumb out of her mouth to say "Song?" when I finish singing one to signal she wants another

We sure do love you Miss Anderson Greer!

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  1. So so sweet. So glad you documented so you'll never forget.

  2. So precious! She's just a little doll.

  3. Haha. I can totally hear her sweet little southern accent!! She is a doll, Jessi!

  4. So precious momma! I love her little accent.

  5. Oh my goodness. So much cuteness here. I love reading all the things you love about Andi! So sweet.

  6. She is just the cutest!! Love her little southern accent.

  7. This is so sweet!! Andi is so adorable :)