WHW: Lately

Hey y'all and welcome to another WHW with Jenn and little ole' me. We've definitely been busy with our latest venture of listing our home. It has literally blown up on social media and local outlets and its crazy (and sort of sad) to see all the interest. Let me tell y'all a funny story about that - we had our very first showing scheduled for last Sunday at 10am with a couple from out of town. We were so surprised and really didn't expect anything like that in the first week. Well, not only did they show up on the wrong day but WAY earlier.

They showed on up on Saturday at a little after 9am. I had planned on cleaning ALL day Saturday to really have the place sparkling! I wanted to leave little snacks out and a welcome note, etc etc....nope. It was just like the scene in Home Alone when they realize they all overslept and had to rush to the airport. WE were up, beds made, spot cleaned and staged, got Andi up and literally ran out of the house within 15 minutes. We grabbed Emma Jo, awkwardly apologized and went to Hardees for a very unhealthy breakfast that we ate in the park...in our pajamas. The last thing I remember is Hubs saying "If you like it today, you'll love it clean"... but guess what? They loved it and I'm in shock. We're receiving their offer today. I've cried twice. We'll see what happens and I'll keep y'all posted. Keep us in your prayers! Check out the new drone video of our home below!

Shifting gears a bit, if y'all need a fabulous new blog to follow and IG account too, then y'all have to check out my bestie's (and college roommate) Edie's blog. She has recently started a health, wellness and lifestyle blog after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's, a thyroid and autoimmune disorder. I am in love with her content and honest product reviews and also her clean eating and new recipes. She has really turned things around for herself and I'm convinced she has helped countless others as well! Please take a moment to check her out and follow along on her journey - I know you'll love it (and her) as much as I do!

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Final Tour

Well y'all ... its official. Our home is now listed on the market for sale. (a week now!) I'm still kind of in shock. We obviously made the decision to list but on the daily I'm asking myself if its the right decision. We want to be back in town in a certain area that literally sells like real estate in Malibu, CA. (for example - 2 homes just sold within 6 days of being listed on the 4 streets in town I'm referencing) We have put our heart and soul into this home and literally restored her to her former glory. I keep telling myself that there's no way the house can hate us because we literally saved her life. (Yup, I'm saying her when referring to my home) This was the project of a lifetime and our very first home together as a married couple. We were brave huh? We also brought our greatest gift home to this house - Miss Anderson.

I now work in town, Andi will start school in town next Fall and everything we need such as shopping, our church, friends, restaurants etc. are there as well. The last 3 years have been ah-mazing and I will miss my closet and kitchen and elaborate Christmas parties dearly but I know it my heart that wherever our family ends up, I can recreate those things and make new memories. We may have to have an 'in-between' home and that is ok too. We also have our rental property right in town but we have fabulous renters and really don't want to lose them. I just pray that the family or person that buys our home will love it the way that we have. Historic homes aren't for everyone but we knew the gem we were working with the minute we saw it in its boarded up condition calling to us to save it.

Thank y'all for following along since the VERY beginning on this home renovation and maybe its time for us to pick back up the hammer and restore another? (sorry hubs!) So.. without further ado, the final home tour:

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