New Home Tour 'Before'

Hey y'all and happy Reno Update Monday! We had a big weekend since it was homecoming and I'm going to switch things up and recap that on Wednesday. So now we've almost been in the home for a week (not that long saying overnight but in it nonetheless) and I want to go ahead and give a complete home tour with how it looked when we bought it (because of course we're knee-deep in putting on mark on this place) We've finished all the painting - go Hubs and Father-in-law - and now we're going to dive into the kitchen. Definitely pay attention to the kitchen because that room will be totally different. We're going to be painting the cabinets white, putting in all new lighter Quartz countertops, laying down new light gray tile and installing new stainless appliances. The walls will be a pale gray so goodbye to the yellow it is currently. But anyway, here is the complete before tour:

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WHW: Reno Begins

Hey y'all and welcome to another WHW! Now don't let that title fool you - we are in no shape or form doing a reno like before but a reno nonetheless. We closed yesterday and now we are in paint mode just so we can get the furniture in and then we will tackle the kitchen. I mentioned on Monday that I was probably going to bring back Weekend Reno Updates like I did with our previous house so be on the look out for those on Mondays to keep up with the process. Today I'm sharing our paint colors and some other design decisions we've hammered down in the last week. Stay tuned because I'm sharing the full before photo tour next week!

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We also picked out a basic taupe color for the media/playroom that adjoins Andi's room because its sage green now and we didn't want green on green. Its similar to the one below. ALL of the ceilings have to be painted white because they are a pale yellow so we also had to get GALLONS of white ceiling paint. Also picked up some white paint for the master closet doors, linen closet doors and hallway to dining room.

The below tile will be for the master bedroom fireplace. It has a red brick look now and this dark grey tile will look great with the grey and white scheme we are going for.

Current Master Fireplace & Colors
We purchased this table but with 2 extra matching chairs and no bench
Current Dining Room 

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Hey y'all and happy Monday! We had such a fun and relaxing weekend and I just haven't done a weekending post in awhile. We're still living with my parents but we actually close on the new home and get the keys tomorrow. I can't believe we're already at closing day and we have so much stuff planned!

Friday we stayed in and had a movie night over wine - do y'all remember the movie Step Mom with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon? Ah I just love it and had to order it so I could own it. We were obviously in the mood for a good cry...Saturday we headed out of town to my cousin's baby shower and then had a fabulous girls shopping day at the mall which was so much fun. We also snagged a new dining room table, picked out all of the paint to dive into painting tomorrow and Wednesday and also picked out the tile for the Master fireplace. Come back here on Wednesday and I'll share it all with y'all! (I think I'll bring back Weekend Reno Recaps like we did with our previous home! Eeek!) Last night was the season premiere of The Walking Dead so we were all consumed. It was excellent, of course, and I'm so glad its back. Basically it was a lazy but super fun weekend to get us geared up for the craziness this week has in store for us!

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