WHW: Home Snaps

Hey y'all and welcome to another What's Hap-'Pinning' Wednesday - Join me and Jenn and link up below as usual! Hopefully y'all are sharing some yummy Thanksgiving recipes because I am SO ready for tomorrow. We celebrate with both families and have a meal at noon and a meal at 6pm so I've learned to pace myself over the years. I'm so thankful we live close enough to visit both families in one day and I hope that never changes - now, bring on the beans, greens, casseroles, bird, etc


Anyway, today I'm sharing some of the demo we've been diving into lately. Luckily, we've finished all of the painting minus the kitchen and almost all of the furniture has arrived. (the couch debacle just updated its ship date to early December instead of January!) We still need a dining room buffet/sideboard but my MIL wants to help us out with that for Christmas (How fabulous is that?! Love her!) So we took out the old kitchen counter tops and we've decided on LG's Rococo Quartz since we've had granite and marble in the past. Also, like I mentioned before, we're keeping the cabinets but painting them a semi-gloss white which will really brighten up the space. We're only doing a back splash on the back wall where the stove is and the other walls we're just going to carry the counter top up another 4 inches. We have the backer board ready to go down for the flooring and then the appliances can come in after that. Hopefully instead of a white Christmas, we'll have a finished white kitchen!

In other updates, we finished the playroom for now and added the love seat from our old living room and corner cabinet for the TV. We painted the walls an oatmeal tan by Valspar and Andi simply adores the (her) space! The guest room is painted and staged for now as well as Andi's bathroom and the upstairs ceilings. (we even painted the fan to match in the upstairs hall) I'll report back once we fully get going on the kitchen and share more pictures.


Happy Thanksgiving Y'all and enjoy your holiday!

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  1. I love white kitchens!!! They make everything so pretty and happy!

  2. Ah the house is coming along so well! Love that white kitchen!! Hope you had a great thanksgiving :-)
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. Cannot wait to see your white kitchen come together!!!

  4. Love the counter tops and the color of the playroom! I need y'all to come paint my house ;) So glad the couch delivery is now in Dec!