WHW: Christmas Card 2017

Hey y'all! Happy WHW Wednesday - you know, the last one before CHRISTMAS!? Ah! How are we here already? HOW?! Anyway, today I'm sharing our little family Christmas card and some of the outtakes too. This entire process took about 10.5 minutes because hubs didn't want to be dragged away from painting and tiling the kitchen so he changed, hid the paint stained hands and we went on the front stoop of our new home to snap a quick, card-worthy shot. (Thanks Cici for the photos!) I've used Photoaffections now for three years in a row and I simply love them. The options, super fast shipping and even the way they arrive in their cute little box make me so happy! (I'm also sure to snag a Groupon for them every year as well meaning I paid $34 total instead of $150 for 100 cards - amazing right?!)

So we're still WAY overdue for an actual photo family session (like..she was 7 months the last time we did one) but these turned out just fine for this year's card. I simply had to choose the one where she is practically jumping out of Seth's arms front and center! She is such a little ham and I absolutely love it! I hope y'all have a safe and merry Christmas and I'll see y'all back here for a recap next week.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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WHW: Lately

Hey y'all and welcome to another WHW! December is straight up flying by and of course I'm still not caught up on my shopping whatsoever. I feel like I need a TJ Maxx/Hobby Lobby run and I can usually knock it all out. (love those places) We've been so busy lately with church, kitchen reno, trying to maintain a clean and balanced home (sike) that I feel like I don't really have anything super blog-worthy today so I'll just catch y'all up on some fun things we've done in the last week. The Chamber of Commerce put on their annual holiday house tour in our town and I absolutely loved it. We used this event as our monthly ladies group outing and it was so much fun! It snowed the entire time (oh yea, we got our first snow and it was a lot!!!) and we all met in the morning with yummy (spiked) hot cocoa! It was just what I needed and we're thinking about maybe adding our home to the tour next year!

We also had our big Christmas Cantata and dinner at our church and guess who made an appearance? Santa! Andi was so excited and WAY more accepting of him than she was last year - however - still a no go on the lap sitting thing. Although she did make sure to yell from a safe distance that she wanted the Belle Musical Tea Party Cart for Christmas and that she had definitely been a good girl. It was absolutely precious!

Home wise - still waiting on replacement sectional sofa piece and custom pillows but we do have the tile down and ready for grout which also means we will FINALLY have appliances! Can someone say meal planning to the utmost extreme? I'm seriously over eating takeout and so ready to cook y'all!

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WHW: Hostess Gift Guide

Hey y'all and welcome to another WHW! Today I'm joining in with Brittany, Owen and Emily on their last part of the gift guide link-up series. Today its all about stocking stuffers and/or hostess gift ideas! This one is sort of my favorite because this guide can be helpful for all year and not just at Christmas time. (does that sentence sound odd? Year-round maybe? Ha!) Its always polite and Southern to bring a small hostess gift am I right? Super clubs, dinner parties, Holiday parties, etc. I can't wait to browse y'alls posts and ideas on this one. Link up below and join in!

and can we just talk about how much I need these little beauties in my bar cart life? LOVE! 

Or these! Also from Williams Sonoma (they are killin' it this year with gift ideas!)

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Hey y'all and happy Monday! This weekend was so much fun and we were happy to have Seth home for the entire weekend with his new schedule. (the night shift thing sort of sucks but the weekends off are great) He made some great progress on the kitchen and I can literally start to unpack a few boxes probably in the next couple of days. We still need to decide on counter tops and have changed our minds again. I'll share a pic below and y'all let me know what you think. I think we are going Thursday to try and look at the actual slabs.

Saturday we helped decorate my parent's house and Mama and I kicked off holiday movie watching with The Holiday. We love The Family Stone, Four Christmas', Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, A Christmas Story and Jackfrost. Those are the must-watch ones! Sunday we went to church and Miss A decided to be a 'big kid' and go to children's message. It was so cute seeing her up front with the older kiddos and y'all she turned around and gave us a thumbs up! I tried so hard not to bust out laughing at that little cutie. Afterwards we walked (yes walked now that we're right in town!) down to the Christmas Parade. It was so cute and Andi was over the moon excited! Then we headed to my in-laws for some good home cooking and to celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday. All in all we had a fabulous weekend but I STILL have not started Christmas shopping. Y'all, send help and prayers!

Linking up today with Biana

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