WHW: Easter Ideas

Hey y'all and welcome to another WHW. I'm sharing a little Easter fun this week since believe it or not, Easter is this weekend! I really can't recall a time where Easter ever coincided with April Fool's day can y'all? It should be interesting! Anyway, we're gearing up to welcome a new pastor at our church and all I know is that he has a wife and three kids and I'm super excited for our church. He isn't preaching until April 8th I believe but our plans will still be our usual service and then lunch with my family and dinner with my Husband's side. I'm trying to decide what to bring - something sweet or savory? I should probably get on that... I'm pumped for the upcoming warm weather we're supposed to get and family time as well!

Easter basket wise we'll probably keep it rather simple. I like to add a new book, sometimes pajamas and of course candy. I'm really trying to teach Andi more about the real reason for Easter and I really need to thank Brittany for her help and recommendations on introducing religion to toddlers. (Thanks friend!) Let me know some of your toddler favs for Easter and if you have any tried and true Easter recipes too! Like I mentioned last week, we're off to Andi's rescheduled Pre-K open house in a few hours so wish us luck.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

These look pretty good! Recipe here

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WHW: Lately

Hey y'all and happy Wednesday! We've had so much going on lately so I feel like I need a big ole' photo dump. St. Pattys weekend we had friends in town and had so much fun. Our town does one of those turn the river green days and the kiddos absolutely loved it. We actually ended up finding a secluded boat ramp on the river and watched the green wash down right in front of us! That way we were up close and personal and were able to beat the crowds. We took the kiddos out to my parents where they romped around the country, rode tractors and played with the chickens. Our friends are city folks so they love a good country excursion! Ha! We even squeezed in a visit with the Easter bunny y'all - on St. Patty's day. We ate so much good food all weekend that definitely wasn't 21 day fix approved so Monday's workout hit me like a brick wall. 

This week we were getting prepared for Andi's open house at her school but they already canceled it due to weather so it will be next Wednesday. Can y'all even believe that she has an open house already for pre-k?! She's SO excited to meet her teacher and see her classroom though so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super excited for next week! I also have my very first Garden Club meeting tomorrow and I'm so pumped. We're having a segment on cooking with herbs at a house only 4 doors down from mine! 
cue the backpack & lunchbox shopping! *wipes tear*

On the new fixer upper news - we're gearing up for closing which if all goes well, should take place around April 13th or so. (right around Andi's 3rd birthday!) We've visited the house probably every day since I shared the news and we are SO nervous to start this new venture but also SO excited to get back into the reno game. Since its been vacant and run down for so long, the entire community is backing us and everyone is so eager and excited to see what we do with it. I cannot wait to share our entire vision and floor plan with y'all! Although, if you are itching for a sneak peek, here's Miss Andi sharing her vision for the new house and her new room. Gah I love her!

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WHW: Wish/Lovelist

Hey y'all and welcome to another What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday! Today I'm rounding up some of the things that make me swoon lately. Wishlist or lovelist - those terms are interchangeable to me today so I'm combining them. I'm trying to distract myself today to be honest because we have some major decisions to make in our household and not much time to do it...just to give you a hint....we may have a new fixer upper venture in the making...I KNOW....call us crazy! I don't want to reveal too much right this second because honestly I'm not sure what direction we're going to take and I need to keep praying on it. However, whichever way this plays out - the story will be a neat one so I'll most definitely fill y'all in later or next week when things settle. So, without further ado, here are some things that have been on my radar lately

1. My usual blue & white decor scheme but with the pops of green I've been adding! I've been attracted to green lately with my scheme whether its throw pillows or actual house plants and faux flowers. Love it!

2. Wild and funky wallpaper! I've always loved wallpaper (my hubby? not so much...) but next go round I want to take it far out. I adore the options below all equally:

3. These ginger jars that hubs got me for my birthday! I was over the moon and this matching pair literally makes me see all the hearts when I walk through my dining room. I cannot wait to put some flowers in these babies with Spring on the horizon.

4. Ok y'all so since I brought it up and all - here is what I was referencing in the opening of this post. I think this beauty is calling out to us to bring her to her former glory! Fingers crossed y'all!

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WHW: Loves

Hey y'all and welcome to another WHW link up! Sorry its been quiet around here lately but I've been so busy it seems and now we're on Spring Break at work so I'm just trying to catch up. My birthday weekend was fantastic though and I am SO excited to share a few photos that have popped up from the big Gala we attended. I mean, is there anything better than getting all dolled up and going out on the town?! Thanks for all of the well wishes y'all - cheers to 31 years!

Now I need to go catch up on this Bachelor mess and I"m not even sure I want to commit to it. This is the first season in like 15 that I haven't watched live and I'm started to feel glad about that! Also on my radar - planning Andi's 3rd birthday (Princess and Prince themed with a guest appearance from Belle) which is less than a month away and also my friend's upcoming fiesta themed bridal shower. Can't wait to share more details about both and get y'alls ideas as well!

Link up with Jenn and I below and join in on the fun!

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