WHW: Wish/Lovelist

Hey y'all and welcome to another What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday! Today I'm rounding up some of the things that make me swoon lately. Wishlist or lovelist - those terms are interchangeable to me today so I'm combining them. I'm trying to distract myself today to be honest because we have some major decisions to make in our household and not much time to do it...just to give you a hint....we may have a new fixer upper venture in the making...I KNOW....call us crazy! I don't want to reveal too much right this second because honestly I'm not sure what direction we're going to take and I need to keep praying on it. However, whichever way this plays out - the story will be a neat one so I'll most definitely fill y'all in later or next week when things settle. So, without further ado, here are some things that have been on my radar lately

1. My usual blue & white decor scheme but with the pops of green I've been adding! I've been attracted to green lately with my scheme whether its throw pillows or actual house plants and faux flowers. Love it!

2. Wild and funky wallpaper! I've always loved wallpaper (my hubby? not so much...) but next go round I want to take it far out. I adore the options below all equally:

3. These ginger jars that hubs got me for my birthday! I was over the moon and this matching pair literally makes me see all the hearts when I walk through my dining room. I cannot wait to put some flowers in these babies with Spring on the horizon.

4. Ok y'all so since I brought it up and all - here is what I was referencing in the opening of this post. I think this beauty is calling out to us to bring her to her former glory! Fingers crossed y'all!

 photo signature_zpsdnzukjhu.png


  1. I love those pops of green! And that house! It sounds awesome, I can't wait to hear more!

  2. Oh wow you guys would make that house look incredible!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. A new fixer upper adventure??? I'm intrigued!!!!
    Also, your hubs (as you know) hit it out of the park with the vases for you! He definitely knows you well! ;)

  4. Oh a fixer upper!! Oh Can't wait to hear all about it. Oh those ginger jars are fantastic.

  5. I like those ginger jars! And a potential new house?!? How exciting; to bad this wasn’t on the market when we were looking(and in Richmknd-We night have had a bidding war!)

  6. Love your inspo! I really want some palm print wallpaper in my office or something but yeah.. don't think Stephen would think the same lol Can't wait to hear more about the house - it looks like y'all can make it beautiful again!

  7. Love that third wallpaper example. And *fingers crossed* about your decision!!


  8. I am loving the pops of green and blue. I wish my husband would go for wallpaper like that as well.

  9. How fun is that wallpaper, and LOVE your go-to color scheme of white and blue with pops of green <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. Oh my goodness, good luck with your fixer upper!! That is so exciting!

  11. Loving that wallpaper inspiration!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls