Friday 5: Wallpaper SOS

Hey y'all and happy Friday! Today I'm sharing a little more than 5 things and its only because I'm so dang torn on which option to go with. We're also nowhere near this step in our renovation but I like to have a notebook or inspiration board with my design style and choices way in advance.  

Y'all know I love a good wallpapered room and in our last home, the hubs agreed to a deal that I would always get at least one room with wallpaper. Preferably the smallest room. (usually just a half bath and nothing larger - those that have done their own wallpaper know why this is the case) Anyway, the half bath that I'm doing has super tall ceilings but I'm thinking I may only wallpaper the top half and add a chair rail/wainscoting to half the wall and have more contrast. Also, we're adding a large cabinet and doors to hide laundry in there so there really won't be too much wall to cover. With that said, I'm going a little out of my french toile comfort zone and doing something a little more on the wild side.  I've pictured my top choices below and would LOVE to know which one y'all are drawn to the most. Thanks for your help in my crazy wallpaper indecision! (I'm thinking I need to wallpaper more rooms, am I right hubs?!)

Hope y'all have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! Linking up with April and Christina for Friday 5

better images of #1
















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  1. Oh my goodness! So many good options! I vote for doing the chair rail and only papering the top half - that will look so sleek! Love the ginger jar ones, the banana leaf print has my heart and the first floral one looks pretty amazing in that bathroom

  2. #6 is my fave, but 5 and 11 are close seconds. Really love them all though. I want to wallpaper my boyfriend'd alf bath so bad!

  3. Oooooh girl, you have good taste! I think I'm most drawn to #5 - it's stunning! When we finally have a home of our own again one day, I think I'll wallpaper ALL THE THINGS ;)

    1. Thank you!! I love that one too! Ah so hard to decide!