WHW: #DemoDay

Hey y'all! Welcome to another WHW. Link up with us below to share whats going on currently with YOU! I've gotten some requests to share another demo update so today's post is dedicated to just that. Its hard to really show good pictures of the process because its difficult to show potential spaces when you're literally down to the studs. The hubs and FIL have really been kicking some mega you know what though. We ended up with a grand total of 13 tons of plaster and rubble but we are now officially done with the giant dumpster that has been occupying the side yard for over a month. 

The temporary wall is now up in the kitchen so that the new support beams can be installed to create the larger, open space we've been dreaming of. The doorway has been framed on the right side of the kitchen so that the space will now be walled off between the kitchen and future master closet. 
A little sneak peak of kitchen inspiration

Speaking of walls going up instead of down, the breezeway/hallway has now been constructed to create our new master bedroom, closet, bathroom space. This will just block it off from the main hallway so that the only access is through the master bedroom itself. We also encountered an issue with the main strip of hallway on the first floor. The floor needed to be lifted up a bit so they tackled that from the basement to make it more level. The basement is a great space and the added beams won't change that. Cheers to added support though am I right?! 

you can see master bath and then master closet to the left in new hallway

new hallway making it a straight shot to the kitchen 

look how large this basement space is - remind me to show y'all the future WINE CELLAR! (Hey Pop!) 

Shifting gears to upstairs, we framed a new closet in the first room so that it can now be classified as an actual bedroom and it looks great! The room behind that one now has an en-suite completely framed and its a great size. That will primarily be used for guests. Directly to the right of that new bathroom will be Miss Andi's full upstairs bath and that has also been framed. All the old plumbing has been cut out as well and this will now give us 2 full baths upstairs. 
New closet to the left of the fireplace - small but functional!

Andi's bath is what you see first and then beyond is the guest bath

We've also narrowed down the vision for the small (but again, functional) master bath. I decided to keep the master bath on the smaller side because I am SO ready to have my giant master closet back. If you follow me on IG then you've already seen the design inspo. Here's what we're thinking for that space:

Overall I'd say so far so good. We submitted the building permit application yesterday and the custom cabinet people start coming in next week to measure and show us some designs. The only thing we're struggling with is deciding on an exterior. (seriously, I'm pulling my hair out about it!) I'll save that reveal for next week but I'll just leave a hint by saying: super intrigued with black exterior pane windows.....hmmmmm.

Happy Wednesday y'all and don't forget to link up below.

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  1. Girl, you guys are doing SO well! I have demo dreams someday, or the hopes to build a new home, but till then, I'm living vicariously through you haha also, yay for that black and white scheme! It looks amazing, and goodness, the bones of that house are beautiful.

    Ps...I think your linkup is scheduled for tonight :)

  2. You guys are plowing through this! Its so much fun to watch it progress.

  3. I love watching the progress! I cannot wait to see everything when it's done!

    xo, Lisa Mom Wife Design Life Blog

  4. This is so much fun!! You guys truly have a knack for it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. This is such a fun project, doing something like this is so on my bucket list!

  6. Oh my goodness! Y'all are amazing...I would be a basket case because I have zero spatial skills.

  7. You guys are rockin' it! And loving that picture of sweet little Miss A helping out at the store <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. When I read the demo day picture, I think of Chip saying it. love that show.

  9. This is pretty awe inspiring stuff - way out of my league! Really looking forward to seeing how this develops. Since reading US blogs I have developed a longing for a closet - you may know we don't really have them here in the UK. I keep wracking my brain to think what I can do to the house to get one. If I don't have a second child the 'baby room' is GETTING DONE :)) Love your bathroom colour scheme and the black and white tiles are truly classic!

  10. Love love love! Black pane windows would be so sharp! Closet space vs bathroom space is a good idea! 13 tons of stuff removed is a lot! Holy cow! You’ll are really kicking butt and I love seeing the whole process!