Friday Favs

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! First of all, I'm so pumped that I don't have a wedding this weekend! Terrible? Nope - just exhausted and I really want to spend some time AT HOME. We have a birthday party this Sunday for one of Andi's preK friends but its at a gymnastics place and its only an hour and a half (smart Mama planning right there and cheers to that!) 

Linking up with the usual gang today and sharing some random favs from food and wine to decor and crafts. Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend y'all! 

1. These chinoserie pumpkins. I say every single year that I want to order something like this but now I'm thinking I'll just make them! Fingers crossed that I at least attempt it. I just adore these. (click here for something a little easier than painting them yourself)

2. These two white wine are my fav lately. The first you can get at Trader Joes and the second is one that Mama and I ordered at a restaurant during our latest beach trip. Both are light but dry and super refreshing!

3. Piggy backing off of the blue and white DIY pumpkin inspiration - I've been pulling together so many inspiration boards for our future dining room. While I'm mostly thinking about chair coverings, I've also bean thinking of rug ideas and even a blue accent ceiling. Stay tuned!

4. I made this recipe earlier this week and it was SO good! It was also pretty darn easy and that makes all the difference for a weeknight meal am I right? I'll definitely be making this again and subbing out ingredients to switch it up!

5. I have to leave y'all with a little funny that I found most appropriate for me lately but you must sub the cookie for tacos. HA! Give me alllllll the tacos!

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  1. I love Sauvignon Blanc, so I need to try those wines! Enjoy your weekend at home, lady!

  2. I love those pumpkins! They are so pretty, I probably won't try and make myself but I hope you do and post it :) I will however be looking for those wines!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Oh the blue and white. I just need you to come to my house and decorate for me, like for real. and that last sign... seriously story of my life.

  4. I love everything blue and white.. those pumpkins are just precious!

  5. I can appreciate how exhausting those weddings are! Hope you enjoy a blue and white and wine filled weekend with your mini me southern belle! :) Joanne x

  6. I love the blue and white pumpkins and like you, always say I should get one, but haven't! Thinking I may just have to make the flatbread pizza tomorrow night - it looks amazing! Happy Tuesday!