WHW: Porch Styling

Hey y'all and happy Wednesday! Today I want to share some of my inspiration for a chic and cozy {Fall-esq} porch. Now keep in mind this is geared more towards our new house because we are installing the black frames for our exterior windows. The current house has a large custom black exterior door so it could still work but the space is much smaller. Anyway, with the white siding and black framed windows, I can't stop swooning over black and white stripes or gingham paired with pops of green like boxwoods. Of course you'll see my signature blue thrown around in the mix and lets not forget that the porch ceiling and floor will also be blue. I mean, that is a must am I right? Anyway, how glam is this color palette for an outdoor scene? Makes ya want to come over and have some processo on my porch!

3. Mats

4. Chair

 photo signature_zpsdnzukjhu.png


  1. I love hanging out on my porch - these are all really cute ideas. Love the swing!


  2. You know I love it all! We have that doormat and it’s one of my favorite things!

  3. Love what you're going after!! Those pumpkins make me happy!

  4. Sign me up for all of this, so chic and cozy!

  5. Black and white decor is so classic but I love how easy it can also be to make it unique! Love your picks!

  6. OK - I'll be over for porch Prosecco, to hang with the pumpkins! Love all of your styling - the fall cosy and the elegant black white and blue. Looking forward to seeing your porch in progress - especially the blue floor. J xx