Reno Update

Hey y'all! I have FINALLY gotten my act together and I'm ready to share an update on all things home renovation #3. We have been keeping ourselves busy and when the inside is still mostly down to studs, its hard to really see whats been going down via pictures alone. Exterior wise, I can share some mega changes. Our new windows were installed last week and let me tell y'all, I was super nervous about these babies going in.... all 37 of them to be exact. If you recall from previous posts, we decided to take the plunge and go with the black paned exterior windows to create a contrast since the home originally didn't have shutters. So I'm leaving work and driving to the new 'old' house..taking deep breaths...trying not to close my eyes because you know, I'm driving...pull in and look up at the new windows...

 Cut to this reaction with a side of 'whew':

I really like the way they turned out! They're definitely dark but for some reason I fall more in love with them every single time I drive up. They're way more modern-esq than I am used to but it really fits the home. Having them installed in the kitchen is the best part - no more plywood! The natural light in the future kitchen is unreal. You can also see how white the window wrapping is on the outside and that gets me super excited to get the new siding on. We're going with the thicker 7 inch white insulated siding and it will make the world of difference out there. Bring the sunglasses because this home has had a slight dingy hue to it since about 1973 y'all. Bless its heart. 
close-up of black pane design - new wrapping on left
Big picture window in living room - outside & inside view
inside kitchen with no more boarded up windows! Let there be light! Pineapple transom is going above the door - scroll down to see 

other side of kitchen - MORE light! 

We're keeping the diamond decorative windows white so the detail continues to stand out -
we felt like that character would have been lost if we went with black
Outside view of kitchen - deck will be expanded to span house

Also moving right a long (well sort of) is the roof. When the first sheets of metal went down {finally} I was definitely singing some praises. The charcoal versus the old green is definitely the vision I had in mind for this reno since day one. I can't wait to see this completely finished. The wiring and electric is just about finished and hubs + Pop have done a fantastic job adding this sort of work to their renovation resume. However, this leaves me with (I kid you not) 15 specific light fixtures that I need to start shopping for. I pretty much have the kitchen pendants, entryway, dining room, living room and bedroom lights picked out but I'm stumped on hallway pendants (I need 3) the top of the stairs fan versus light decision, sun room lights, closet chandeliers and wet bar....HELP!
too many lights!

Because this looks like a ball of fun ....

and speaking of lights - hubs just added 4 can lights yesterday to the closet so that a decorative chandelier won't be the only light source in there. I had randomly asked via text if it was too late to add these and he installed them in about 3 hours without even telling me. Ahhhhh true love y'all! (haha) #RenovationRomance Have I mentioned we've been through 3 renovations and we're still married?
4 extra can lights with wiring for chandy in the middle
Bring on the new closet! 

Last but not least - fast forward a couple of days - look what hubs and Father-in-law (Pop) installed! I know I've been talking about this beauty for so long it seems but to actually see it brought me to happy tears. I'm IN LOVE with this little custom piece and it just adds so much to the kitchen. Imagine the lights on at night time and seeing it from the outside too! I love that when you walk into the front door it will be the first thing you see down the long hallway.

#Pineapplelove #Swoon 

Overall things have been really coming together faster than I had originally imagined. Its my favorite thing in the world to see this gem of house being restored to its former glory. We still have a long way to go but this evening our HVAC guy is coming to do a walk through and we've hammered down dry wall cost estimates. If you're still reading, Thank you! Stay tuned for more updates and I'll be sure to do another recap once the roof is completed. After the roof completion, I'll try and start back up with weekly reno updates. In the meantime, follow my insta stories for more sneak peeks.

Happy Halloween y'all!

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  1. It's really coming together! I LOVE the pineapple window. That is just so perfect for you! And how precious is that picture of Andi on the porch? Too cute!

  2. Wow! Jessi, this is incredible - I can't imagine the full transformation that this whole process takes throughout, but you guys are really moving right along. You have such vision! I just LOVE that giant picture window. Give me allllll the light!

  3. Things are looking so great - you guys are awesome how you do this!!

  4. It sounds like things are coming along well! That's a lot of light fixtures to shop for, I can see why you'd be overwhelmed -- but I'm sure you'll choose beautiful ones. Absolutely LOVE that custom pineapple piece. It's pieces like that, that make a house a home!

  5. It looks great! Y’all are so handy I just can’t get over it!

  6. So much light coming through your new windows and I love the way they look!! Following the transformation is so much fun! Happy Halloween!

  7. It looks amazing. Love the pineapple transom, total swoon and I wish the hubs would let us renovate!

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  9. The renovation is coming along and looking amazing!!! Love that you kept the diamond windows.

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