Hi Y'all! I'm currently about to go meet Miss Andi for lunch at her school (our first one) so I'll try and make this quick! I'm sure y'all are feeling just as busy with Thanksgiving tomorrow - can you believe its tomorrow?! Whew! We're doing the usual split family day where we eat with my family at noon and then my with my in-laws around dinner time. SO MUCH FOOD - BRING IT ON! I'm bringing a couple of side dishes to each and I'll try and share them as I make them. It seems like a lot but I am so thankful that we live close to both of our families. 

Life has been crazy lately but so fun. Fuqua School held its largest, annual fundraiser and this year I was the chair of the silent auction portion. We were able to raise so much money for the school and the turnout was fantastic! (Hubs even bid on and won some swag from his college!) This year we picked a casino theme and everyone has an absolute blast. Until next year Five Grand Falcon!

Also going on around our home - Christmas decorating! I always do it early but this year it looks like the decorating bug hit EVERYONE early and I'd be lying if I said I didn't absolutely love it. I also felt like we were late to the game! Ha! I did a predominately blue and green theme and still need to add my hand-painted chinoserie ornaments (that I've yet to hand-paint...) so stay tuned for that tutorial if they turn out semi decent. Also, take note of Miss A's excitement watching that play because my Dad just scored us tickets to see Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer live this Sunday. She's been so into live entertainment and this will be her very first play y'all! I'll definitely try and share some of it on my insta stories.

I hope everyone has a safe and fabulous Thanksgiving!   

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving lady. Hope its wonderful and grand. Grateful for you.

  2. So many fun and exciting things happening! Have the BEST Thanksgiving holiday! <3

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! We split the day, too! Yay food.

  4. Your tree is so beautiful - you did a great job! Good job too on the auction, it sounds like a huge success and you looked fabulous in your dress. Looking forward to seeing your hand painted chinoiseries - way beyond my skills, so I am fascinated to see how they look! Hope thanksgiving was super and you ate your weight in turkey and drank lots of wine xx

  5. OI hope you also had a Happy Thanksgiving as well!!