WHW: (easy) Holiday Recipes

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! I feel like I've been MIA on blog land recently so I apologize if I haven't read or commented on your slice of the world lately. The holiday season is always crazy so I know y'all can relate. Today I wanted to share some tried and true quick recipes that are perfect for the holiday season. I actually made all of these for Thanksgiving but they could easily be carried over to Christmas as well. 

We always do a big Christmas eve dinner at my Mama's house and then Christmas day we split it by going to my Aunt's for a huge, Thanksgiving-esq lunch and then to my in-laws for a pick-up food/dinner. Because of this, I'm always searching for new dishes to bring! Comment with your favorites so I can look them up and pin them. Have a great rest of the week y'all and check back next week for a home reno #3 update!

1.                                                                                     2.

1. Maple Glazed Brussels with Bacon Crumbles
2. Spice Roasted Carrots via Southern Living

1.                                                                                                2.
1. Caprese Kabobs
2. Neiman Marcus Dip 

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  1. It's not even 7 a.m. here and I'm starving looking at these pictures! (Especially the Neiman Marcus Dip and the Brussels sprouts!)

  2. Great now I'm hungry and it isn't even close to lunch haha My go to is normally making my mom's meatballs because everyone always asks for them so it isn't always easy to transport but we might it work haha

  3. This all looks so tasty! I have been wanting to learn to make tasty Brussels sprouts!!

  4. I am so hungry now, haha! I love brussels sprouts - that recipe sounds good. I feel like you cannot go wrong with bacon. And I have never heard of that dip - need to check that one out, too!

  5. I've been away for a bit too, no worries. These look yummy!

  6. I love those carrots and I have that brussels saved to my pinterest.

  7. Sign me up for anything having to do with brussels sprouts! Mmmm MMMM!!!!

  8. Brussels Sprouts are my jam and those sound so jammy! I make similar carrots and they are so good!

  9. Ok I need that dip right now even though I just had dinner!
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