WHW: Reno Update

Hey y'all! Welcome to another What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday with me and Jenn (which we accidentally skipped last week due to crazy schedules...but at least we were on the same page right? ha!) Today I'm coming at y'all with a little renovation #3 update. We've been kicking some serious you know what lately on the interior front and I'm so proud of the hubs and FIL. The electric is done y'all - we have lights! (aka just hanging light bulbs

The insulation is in and HVAC/duct work is underway. Andi thinks that the insulation was picked out just for her because its pink of course. Gotta love her! Once that was put in it really made the rooms feel like unique spaces. I will admit that its odd not being able to just pass through the walls but its so neat to see it become a designated space! You can really feel the difference temp wise too. Next up on the list is dry wall and I cannot believe we are at that step y'all! Whew! (dry wall is supposed to start next week and the window people are coming back to fix some issues this Friday) I feel like that just about gets us to the half-way point and that is insane!


Dining Room

Guest room/View into Andi's Room
Sunroom - no more Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom nails
hanging down from the ceiling 
Also completed - the roof! I repeat - THE ROOF! What a labor of love this has been from crews quitting and double booking to terrible and super wet weather conditions for weeks on end! The transformation is so fabulous though and once the trim and siding get going it'll be even better. I seriously love it.

Raise the Roof!

Shiny new charcoal metal

I spy the cutest little helper!

Look at all of that old metal!
Moving on to the back of the house, the hubs has finished the new back deck! Y'all, I simply love it. It really fits the layout and space so well and it was definitely needed. We toyed with the idea of the steps and landing for awhile but ultimately decided that having the steps go down towards the garage would make the most sense. We're also able to put the two heating/cooling units underneath the steps so it works out perfectly. We still need to decide on a stain and overall look but I'm leaning towards darker to play off the dark exterior framed windows. I'll also be painting the kitchen door black on both sides just to give y'all an idea.

Ohhh the entertaining that will go on out here!
 (Especially being right off from the kitchen)

Lastly, the bathtubs are starting to go in upstairs in Andi's bathroom and the guest  bathroom. We may have to put the master bath vanity in before the dry wall starts and this gets me all excited mostly because I just want to see the thing! I can't wait to get closer to the design phase AKA Jessi's Design into overdrive. I have so many light fixtures, tile options, wallpaper and colors to throw at y'all so be prepared. As for now, we're celebrating each milestone and we simply love how everything is coming together. Stay tuned for more updates and always tune in to my insta stories and highlights for real time progress!


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  1. It’s really coming along! I LOVE the windows. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  2. Girl! I'm so floored by all this progress! That house had beautiful bones to start, but my goodness, it's going to be spectacular! I'm loving seeing it take shape!

  3. Girl it is coming along so quick. I just love the new roof and cannot wait for all the interiors.

  4. It is looking amazing. Love the deck and the new roof is beautiful! Happy Wednesday!

  5. It is coming along so nicely! I just love when people restore old houses (it is literally my job to promote that!) and following this journey is so fun!

  6. I am so excited for you guys! looking good and I cannot wait to see the finished look, I know its going to be epic!

  7. That back deck is incredible! Y'all have come such a long way!

  8. Such amazing progress on your house. I love it and that deck!!! WOW!

  9. How cute that Andi thinks the pink insulation is for her <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. This is so awesome, everything is coming together so nicely! I can't wait to see it when it is all done, I can only imagine it will be beautiful!
    Also, Andi thinking the insulation is for her is so cute!

  11. This is amazing! That deck will be perfect for entertaining! I can’t wait to see the design come together inside too!

  12. This all looks SO AWESOME! It's really coming together!

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