Reno #3 Update

Hey y'all and happy Wednesday! Today I'm so so excited to share some renovation #3 updates with y'all. I'm talking all things paint, tile and custom cabinets! I finally picked out all of the colors for the house (can the light fixtures come that easily please?) and we've also picked out all of the tile. I was shocked with how quickly we agreed on all of the tile options. I mean, we went in, spent about an hour going over ideas and piecing together samples and literally walked away with everything (that was in stock currently) with a 20% discount through the end of this month. SCORE! We decided to do tile in the half bath/laundry room, Andi's bathroom and master bathroom. The guest bath, wet bar and kitchen will remain hard wood. For Andi's bath we went with a ceramic honeycomb look in white. It looks great with her wall color and with a white grout it will look crisp and clean. You can get the look here.

Paint Preview: Sherwin Williams. In order left to right:
Master: Naval
Guest: Sea Salt
Master Bath: Repose Gray
Porch Ceiling/Sunroom: Atmospheric Blue
Andi's Room: Lighthearted Pink
WetBar and Dining Room Ceiling: Hague Blue
Andi's Bath: Aristocrat Peach
Master Closet: Destiny
Entry/Hall/tairs: Alabaster White
Trim work will be bright white

In the master bathroom we went with a porcelain marble tile for the shower walls and bathroom floor in a larger size and then a smaller marble mosaic tile for the shower floor and wall insert. I'm so over the moon about these picks and I cannot wait to see them finished! The veining will really tie in with the gray vanity and pale gray paint on the walls. I'm also excited to see the sconces and mirrors once they've been put in.

style 1 and style 2

The half bath and laundry room is where the fun starts! We decided to go a little off the grid and design a neat tile inset just to add some flare to the space. This is the room where I will be putting up wallpaper that consists of mostly blue, white and gold hues. The wallpaper will be on a half wall so the floor and design will be divided by a chair rail-esq panel. We decided to use small ceramic white square tiles with matching blue ones to create a fun design. This is what we have been playing with design wise so far and I've paired it next to the wallpaper I'll most likely be ordering for a quick visual. Add in our cute pedestal sink, mirror and lighting and you have a not so average laundry and half bath space!

Lastly on the renovation home front, we met with the custom cabinetry guy one last time yesterday to finalize the kitchen measurements now that the drywall is complete. Can I just say one thing here? I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT OUR FUTURE KITCHEN! We have a large island that will house the farmhouse sink, dishwasher, trash pull-out and 6 drawers. The back side will have an overhang for up to 4 bar stools. On one wall we will have display cabinets, lowers and a neat 'jut-out' in the middle to add some dimension under a window. On the other wall will be neat storage cabinets, stove, microwave, fridge and closed uppers. We'll be using original glass from the home's old windows as well for the displays. We'll have a custom wet bar going in and I decided to add a tall/skinny pantry type cabinet in there for more food storage. He also agreed to build our island for the master closet! Ek! Timeline is around 6 weeks (once we get the flooring in) so let the countdown begin y'all!

Kitchen island inspo                          Closet island inspo                                      Wet bar inspo

Color Scheme but think gold instead of silver accents

Stay tuned & thanks for linking up today!

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On My Radar

Hey y'all! Happy What's Hap-pinning Wednesday. I'm sitting here catching up on the Bachelor and drinking some red wine and realized I completely forgot to draft a post for WHW. With that, I'm admitting that this will be a little random but I want to share what has been on my mind lately. Lets dive right in shall we?

1. ALL the new shows! I go through phases with shows and movies and I've been in a binge mode (not in a loser type way I assure y'all haha) Here are my most recent binges and feel free to send your favs my way!

  • YOU - Netflix. Seriously addictive and such a fun nod to good ole' Dan from Gossip Girl. Also just renewed for a second season!
  • Gypsy - Netflix. Slow but addictive nonetheless and who doesn't love Naomi Watts?
  • The Handmaid's Tale - Hulu. I FINALLY started this and of course I'm hooked. I read the book many moons ago so its good to see it all unfold again. Its intense so beware! 
  • The Bachelor - ABC. I mean I'm 20 seasons deep...why stop now? 
  • Anything on Bravo lets be real....but mostly Real Housewives of Dallas, Southern Charm and the new Bravo Home series like Sweet Home.
  • The Sinner - Netflix. Crazy addictive and great Jessica Biel - again, intense!
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Amazon Prime. OH MY GOSH - Watch it! 
  • Trying to finish Gilmore Girls - one more season and then the year in the life! 
  • Dirty John - Connie Britton is gold! 

2. Edenton, NC & Beaufort, NC. We've been addicted to searching and getting ALL the notifications for real estate and fixer uppers in those areas. I want to visit either of these towns so badly and soon too. Let me know if you've been! We've tackled a lot of things but never waterfront....hmmmmm? (its also been noted as the South's best small town...I mean....all the heart eyes for a downtown, waterfront main street)

3. The Old House Life - you want to competely lose me for a good like ummm 3 hours? Catch me reading through my favorite site - The Old House Life. Michelle is my spirit animal and has some roots around our parts too!

4. Paint colors by Sherwin Williams! I just finalized all of our paint colors for each and every room of the new 'old' house. I'll share next week once I put it into an example chart for y'all. Now to finish the light fixture fiasco I have ahead of me...whew!

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WHW: Recipe Files

Hey y'all and welcome to another what's hap-pinning Wednesday. I haven't shared any good eats in quite some time and with the new year underway, we've tried some great new dishes! I have successfully picked back up on the meal planning and we still receive two meals per week from Home Chef. My meal planning consists of a grocery list that lists all ingredients needed to make 6 meals for my family. I've planned out 4 separate weeks so that we aren't repeating meals too often. So that method paired with the Home Chef ensures that we are covered meal wise. Woot woot! (so far so good but I still refuse to give up Mexican food) 

Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of super simple weeknight recipes that we've done and we've loved! Also, all of these are toddler approved which is a huge score in our household! 

1. Pear & Blue Cheese Flatbreads with almonds
you will need: olive oil, salt & pepper, white onion, arugula, chopped almonds, 1 pear, flatbreads, shredded mozz cheese, a little goat cheese

  • preheat oven to 400
  • caramelize the onion in a skillet with olive oil
  • quarter pear and core. cut into thin slices
  • toast flatbreads for 5 min in preheated oven
  • assemble flatbreads with mozz cheese on each leaving a slight crust border
  • layer pears on top and drizzle with olive oil
  • place directly on oven rack for 10-12 min
  • garnish with onions, almonds, arugula, goat cheese etc. 

2. Caprese Calzones & Sweet Vidalia Roasted bone-in Chicken w/ Roasted Pears & Brussels

3. Stuffed Poblano Peppers & Mesquite Chicken with Loaded Potato Wedges 

Roasted Red Pepper Tortellini Pasta with Spinach 

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Reno #3: Progress!

SO. MUCH. PROGRESS! I'm literally over the moon with where we are right now in the progress of renovation numero tres. The dry wall has all been hung, taped and mud on y'all and it just might be a little more exciting than Christmas day. The house is so bright and it is so much easier to really envision the design style I want for each and every room. After the sanding takes place, it will be time to dive into picking out paint colors. I'm shocked we are there already and even more shocked that we may be listing another home in a little over 5 months or so. Also completed - the HVAC. The heat is on and working y'all! Ok this is a huge picture overload so bear with me. Are y'all ready to see more than just studs? (haha)


Living Room

Living Room leading into Dining Room

Dining Room


Half bath/Laundry

Master Shower

Master Closet

Master Bedroom 

Master Bedroom


Upstairs Hall

Guest Room with ensuite 

Guest Bath

Andi's Room 

Andi's Closet

Andi's Bath

Sunroom/Office space?

After paint, we'll hammer down a decision on floor refinishing and also a decision on what will be done with the kitchen floors. Luckily all of the original floors can be salvaged but unfortunately the the ones in the kitchen have to be replaced. If you remember from the beginning of the structural design phase, the kitchen was made possible by blowing through two sets of staircases and into an adjoining room. Because of this, the floors didn't match (and one was a gross and rotted vinyl) I think we're going to go with a slighter wider hardwood and run it horizontally with the island. Below I'm throwing in some current inspiration pics and pieces that have been pulling me into the design phase aspect of this reno. I;m so pumped to get started! As always, thanks for following along and have a fabulous rest of the week!

Kitchen color and floor inspiration 
This sideboard (or something similar in color) has to be in my dining room - love love love!
via Joss & Main

and maybe something like this little guy on the other side of the room - keep in mind that my dining room table and chairs are white this time around and that is so new to me! The blues will play off of the fabric I am using on the dining room chairs and we're also going to do a pretty loud statement piece by painting the dining room ceiling a deep blue. Stay tuned for that one!

Via J&M

via Ballard Designs

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Happy New Year!

Oh haaaay strangers! Did anyone else take a blogging break to soak up the holidays? Y'all, Christmas this year was simply magical and we loved every single second of it. I hope y'all had a great one as well! Seeing it all through Miss A's eyes was just fabulous. I could use some more snow though! An like I say every single year - why does it go by SO dang quickly? Ugh! Anyway, we've been plowing ahead on renovation #3 and the drywall is in! I cannot put into words how awesome and different it was to walk through the door and see it so bright with white drywall. I'll share an update next week hopefully so stay tuned for that one. 

Switching gears to NYE, we actually stayed in! It was probably my first NYE at home since being preggo and I was oddly happy about it. Hubs was off and we had plans but everyone got lazy with the dreary weather and decided to stay in. We had friends stay with us the night before and needless to say we were slightly hungover from that visit so staying in seemed like the best remedy. Also, being with Miss A was super fun and of course we still popped all the bubbly. (she did cheers with her sippy of milk folks but stayed up the entire time!)

This new year brings with it a new motivation for me - my first time attempting a resolution. It sounds silly but I just never set a resolution and this year I'm determined to be a healthier version of myself for not only me but for my family. Hubs and I have decided to start a no fast-food or eating out (minus a date night here and there) plan for at least 30 days (you know, to make sure we can do it..) and I'm also jumping back on the meal-planning wagon because I honestly REALLY miss it. I'd like to keep up my workouts and definitely lose that 10 pounds that has been bothering me lately. So, with that said, can someone keep me accountable? I'm so ready! 2019 will be a great year, I'm sure of it! Cheers to a new home and a healthier me!

my fav meal planning template 1 and template 2

Oh, and definitely time to start focusing on these two books I might've just purchased... bring on 2019 y'all!

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