Cheers to 10 Years!

Hey y'all! I'll pop back on next week with a recap of all things Renovation #3 but today I wanted to share some (late) weekend highlights. Last weekend we celebrated our 10 year college reunion and I'm still shocked that we hit our first milestone already. A lot of us couldn't make it but all in all we had a pretty great turnout! We stayed up entirely too late at my house on Friday night before heading into Roanoke on Saturday morning (needless to say we weren't feeling top notch) but we powered through and hit most of our old spots before retiring to the hotel bar and room. My time at Hollins University was some of the best years of my life and it felt so good being back with those ladies. We ate great food at our old favorite spots and tried brunch at a fabulous new spot, stocked up on goodies and swag from the bookstore and then headed out Sunday afternoon. I miss everyone already but man was it good to snuggle with Miss Andi the minute I walked in the door. She may or may not have slept in my bed that night...and the night after.... Can't get enough. 

Speaking of Miss A, she's doing great has her 4th treatment today. Feel free to send us some prayers today because she gets double the chemo today and her levels and counts dropped a tad last week. She's still powering through and always smiling but I'm scared by this afternoon and definitely tomorrow that she will be wiped. Thank y'all for the continued support, prayers and messages. None of it goes unnoticed. <3 

Hollins University Class of 2009 

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  1. I had fun following along on social media; it looked like such a fun time! Praying for you guys today!

  2. What a fun time! My friend went there and loved her time so much too. Sending continued love and thoughts y'alls way. Poor little A, hope the double chemo isn't too hard for her.

  3. SO much fun, and loving your dress! Sending all the prayers and hugs your way today for lil' miss. She never ceases to amaze me <3
    Green Fashionista