Kitchen + Closet

Hey y'all! I decided to come to the ole' blog and share some exciting updates that have been taking place around the new reno. Last week we decided on counter tops and I seriously cannot wait to see these babies installed. We went with two different types in the space this time around with a black and white theme. The island is painted black and will have a white counter top and we decided to go with USA Quartz Calacatta. Y'all, I'm so happy that we are doing quartz. We've used marble the last two renovations and although it is gorgeous, the upkeep is a little intense. Around the perimeter of the kitchen, the cabinets are painted white and will have black counter tops. (opposite effect here) For those we went with a basic Absolute Black Granite. We looked at some gorgeous new stone and I always enjoy going to the showrooms to see the new products. I fall in love with each slab for some different made up renovation in my head like a beach house, or country estate and its so fun! (think Julie Andrews running around singing - that is me in the stone gallery)

the actual slab we purchased 

love the light veining

The cabinet doors will be finished soon (hopefully by the end of this week) and so now I really need to focus my attention on hardware. I want a gold type cabinet pull but have no clue which direction I'll take on shape and size yet and whether or not I'll do different ones on the top and bottom. I'm posting some inspiration pics below and a super helpful chart just in case you might be in the same position. Give me y'alls thoughts and opinions on the long versus round etc. etc. Both the wet bar sink and the kitchen sink faucets are gold as well if that gives you a better idea!

I need to do a little more research on placement, size and shape before making a decision but we're definitely at that step. I can share a 'how to' after install as well but for now see this article which has super simple and helpful tips on hardware DIY install: The Sweetest Digs Kitchen Hardware 

Now lets switch gears and move on to the master closet. We'll also need hardware in here for the closet island but the color scheme is completely opposite. I decided on an old school polished chrome for the master bath and closet because to me it feels very hotel chic/glamorous and girly. The island will have 6 drawers for Seth and 6 for me so we'll need at least 12 (not counting the drawers in the T shaped closet section) I'm so over the moon for this room aka closet) y'all. If you remember our first renovation, we converted a room to a closet and I'm so excited to be able to do that again in this new home. Bring... it... on! The hubs just finished building and painting my shoe organizer and I must say that it is my favorite piece! Now we are just waiting on island construction and I'll need some sort of huge mirror. Other than that, we can almost mark this space off of the to-do list!

Miss Andi update: We start our second to last treatment next and we are over the moon! She still has the two weeks between each with a bloodwork check between the two. Her last chemotherapy treatment will be 9/18. She is steadily loosing her hair now which is almost a little more devastating since it waited until the end to go. She is confident with removing it all together and assures me that "it will grow back quickly". She continues to be such an inspiration and I am so incredibly proud of my little girl. Thank you for your continued prayers and support throughout this process. They do not go unnoticed. 
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Reno Updates

Hey y'all! I feel like I haven't posted in awhile - I hope everyone in blogland is doing fabulous! Today I wanted to share some scenes and updates taking place around the new home. We're estimating about two more months to move in so we've been busy little bees getting all the odds and ends done. Most importantly though, the kitchen install has officially started! I'm literally obsessed. The cabinet storage space is beyond my wildest dreams and seeing my design for the butler's pantry come to life is so dang awesome! It is probably my new favorite space...ever! (who's coming over for cocktails?!) With everything starting to really come together it is neat envisioning being there and living every day life. We're so close! Anyway, time to share some pics of course. 

Hope y'all have a fabulous week!

Andi update: Miss Andi SO enjoyed having last week off from treatment. The beach was JUST what we needed and the weather was fantastic every single day. However today she has an ultrasound, chemotherapy and an echo-cardiogram so its going to be a long day. I feel like she's in the homestretch with treatments and we just pray that her little body continues to respond so well. Thank y'all so so much for the continued support and the outpouring of love and prayers! 

remaining checklist:

1. touching up paint
2. Trim work/crown molding 
3. Kitchen install complete by next week! Now hardware and counter tops
4. Master Closet install and closet island construction 
5. Glass shower enclosure install
6. Front porch paint and railings
7. Fireplace makeover/paneling
8. Tile backsplash for wet bar and kitchen 
9. Furniture purchases
10. Move in!

and landscaping!

We also scored these cute twin beds for the front guestroom and I'm in love! I had saved the photo on the left for inspiration awhile back and plan to do the same look for this fun guestroom!

Below on the left is the closet so far (haha) the middle is what the constructed island will look like and the right is what we're thinking for shoe storage so stay tuned!

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